Waste Management Arizona Community Ecocenter
Owner: Waste Management Square Footage: 72,600 SF Location: Surprise, Arizona Description: The Arizona Community Ecocenter is a state-of-the-art recycling facility. The building was designed to accommodate the recycling system, which reaches over 40 feet at its highest point, allowing the system to use gravity to sort materials based on density/shape. More importantly, it allows for the use of multiple vertically stacked conveyors that “catch” materials as they are sorted through the various pieces of equipment and then convey that material to the next sorting process.

In addition to the tipping and processing areas, the 72,600 SF building contains a single story administration area and an easily accessible Environmental Education Center to host school tours, promote recycling and highlight the single stream products (mixed paper, cardboard, metal, plastic and glass) to be sorted, separated and sold to reuse markets.
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