Funmi OluleyeArchitect in Training


    Funmi Oluleye

    Architect in Training

    Funmi began her career path to architecture at the Cavendish College of London where she received her professional diploma in Architecture and Interior Design.  She continued on her journey at the Oxford Brookes University in Oxford where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and then finished up with a Masters in Architecture from Arizona State University.  Throughout her journey in architecture, Funmi has been able to gain experience in commercial, residential, education, healthcare, and interior design.  Working at Arrington Watkins Architects has allowed her to gain even more exposure to various project types and various phases of a project.  She loves to travel and experience new cultures.  She has plans to eventually make it all the way around the World.

    Fav quote: “Don’t worry about being the smartest person in the room.  Instead be the most prepared.” – Olatunde

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