Manuel IcasianoAdministrative Assistant

    Manuel Icasiano

    Administrative Assistant

    Manny Icasiano was born in the Philippines, but soon moved to Queens, New York with his family, where he spent his childhood and early adult life. He was also fascinated with the extraordinary energy that emanated from this great city, which he attributes, in a subtle way, to his work ethic and the positive energy that he strives to bring to everything he does. In New York, he worked in office services for both a financial company and a law firm.

    In 2003, with a desire to see another part of the country, Manny moved to San Francisco and continued his career in office services. Manny fell in love with the beauty of this city and all of the wonderful things California had to offer, with the exception of the cost of living and the cold weather that he fled from when he left New York. So, in 2006, Manny and his dog, Elvis, packed their belongings and headed to beautiful Fountain Hills, Arizona, where he currently resides.

    Fav quote: “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die” -Warren Buffet

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