Sophia UrbaezArchitect-in-Training

    Sophia Urbaez


    Being a New Jersey native, as a child, Sophia often visited New York City. Amazed by the incredible architecture and sustained growth of the east coast, she became interested in architecture at a very young age. Following a family move to Arizona, she developed interest in the architecture and landscapes that exist within a desert climate. Therefore, she graduated from the University of Arizona College of Architecture and is pursuing a career as Architect and Project manager. She is passionate about design, architecture, culture and understand the meaning of have a strong work ethic. Her hobbies include, traveling internationally, the practice of meditation, cooking and she is a very avid participant in volunteer work in the Phoenix Metro area. Her goals are to become a Licensed Architect and Professional Project Manager and practice architecture and design internationally.

    Fav Quote: “Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.”


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