Arrington Watkins was founded in 1994 by Lynn Arrington and David Watkins. Lynn and David started working together in the early 1970’s in a large regional architectural firm where they eventually became managers of that company. In the late 1980’s, economic problems brought about changes and the partners parted ways. A few years later, Lynn and David came back together to form their own company. Arrington Watkins Architects started out with a handful of employees and a sound business plan. Lynn and David focused on a narrow group of project types, targeted specific clients, and treated their employees, clients and design partners with respect. Together, they designed  and managed projects in a manner that made their clients want to come back over and over again.

Lynn and David began succession planning in 2009. They identified a group of key staff who they felt had the potential to take over the company and began putting them through leadership training and mentoring them for leadership roles. They wanted the transition of ownership to be seamless to those outside of the company, including their design partners and clients. In 2016, Lynn and David knew it was time and allowed the group they had selected to start the business, while continuing to mentor them through the transition process.

On September 1, 2017 the sale of the company was complete and the new leadership officially took over operations. The new leaders include: MATTHEW GORMAN, MICHAEL QUINN, PETER SANGIORGIO, MICHAEL CONDER, KYLE SWANSON, MICHELLE DIAZ AND PATRICIA THORNTON.

Today, the company thrives on the foundation of values and performance that was established by Lynn and David, and continues through the new partners. Client satisfaction proves this transition a true success. The firm continues to invest in our people and our culture in order to develop the next generation of management that will continue to propel us as leaders in architectural design and customer satisfaction.

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