Placer County Mental Health Facility

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CLIENT: Placer County


LOCATION: Roseville, CA



The Placer County Mental Health Facility (MHF) is also being constructed at the same complex as the Placer County MSVTF. This MHF is composed of 45 beds in three 15 single-bed housing units; including one acute psychiatric unit. This specialized unit has a day room on the tier level so that all in-custody people are provided with their out-of-room time. The officer custody station is outside of the 12-foot high glass fronts in the dayroom with non-obstructed views from one point into all three units.  The services will provide acute mental health treatment and treatment for those who are deemed incompetent to stand trial. The MHF features:

two recreation yards shared between the three units
interview and counseling rooms
exam rooms
programming space
central officer custody station
staff offices and a break area

The MHF will connect to the southeast corner of the existing minimum-security facility.

Currently in construction. Scheduled to open Summer 2024

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